Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Holiday E-Card! Enjoy!

Shannen Doherty, Pink, Britney and Myself wishing you a Happy Holidays! :)

Eat, Pray, Love - Your Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

So I finally watched Eat, Pray, Love last night! It was awesome! I wish I would have watched it sooner as so many of my friends urged me to! Where was this movie a year ago??? It would have helped me to put into words what I, myself, was feeling! I love this part of the movie! I have always been extremely fond of Italians! Their zest for life and doing nothing! Its truly inspiring and intoxicating (maybe that's all the wine ;)! I also love Neil Young and Heart of Gold is one of my absolute favorites by him. It reminds me of the summer before my senior year and I had two of the best friends a person could ask for! We made places all over the little town of Valley City amazingly magical places and we gave them names like Virginia and Kansas. Virginia was my favorite and Heart of Gold always makes me think of that place and those two people laughing and smiling with me! Good times! If you haven't seen this movie then you must get on it! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Well, I quit smoking November 13th, so finally that will not be on my list of New Year's Resolutions this year. I usually like to make 5 resolutions and hope 3 of them stick! :) So here are my top 5

1) Read More/Read to Natalie More
2) Exercise More/Cardio 30 minutes 3x/week
3) Do Not Bite my nails (Already 3 weeks into this one)
4) Actually Keep Money in my savings account
5) Give 3 thoughtful gifts every month (Pay it forward)

I have one hell of a hectic semester coming up in the Spring, but spending more time with Natalie and more time writing are at the top of my list of priorities too. Happy New Year's Resolution time to all of you! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

True Love: A Remedy or A Curse?

What is true love! What a cliche the term true love is! Ugh I despise its very existence!!!! How could one love another truly! Without considering one's own selfish desires? Should one not fulfill them? Should one be allowed to fulfill them whilst the other suffers in self loathing and arguably goes on with givers disease? Such a bad case of give-itis that they can't even see what they themselves deserve??? Is it not enough to want to be loved more? Must one be beaten or cheated on to justify leaving?

Remember the Movies? You have to if you are my age or older! We lived for them! We didn't have shit like Wii and iPads to entertain us. Mostly we had movies, drunk adults and cool shit like sledding and being elves on Christmas eve, while our other cousins watched on completely consumed by jealousy! :P These movies with the love! Hans Solo and Princess Leia! You know how you wanted to feel! IN LOVE!!!! No one else existed and if they did they were no where near as cool as the each of you! Destined to be together! Ah the synergy...beyond intoxicating! But the part they don't show is when the synergy turns to boredom and disinterest!

I could go on. We all know what we know and we all know why! We all play stupid in the interest of Big Oil ok that was a test to make sure you were paying attention! LOL We all play stupid in the interest of attaining, maintaining or protecting our selfishness!

Too many frank the tanks streaking through the quad alone, while we stand by with our friends to take it! They then want KFC, Del Taco, Burger King or whatever fast food place is close by! Only to sleep in all day the next day, be cranky and demanding, neglectful, self serving and pretty much SELF ABSORBED!!!!!!

Point being show me a guy who is athletic, book smart, not interested in video games, good looking, social drinker, carries conversations, middle of the road on politics and tattoos, pretty tech savvy or pretty tight with a guy who is pretty tech savvy, cooks, loves kids, knows how to get wild, yet loves to stand alone in the quiet of a mountain, thinks about others, gives and is charitable, has a fashion sense, allows me to be aggressive for fun but loves to hold me all the time, loves to celebrate holidays, knows how to fix minor car stuff, has a good job, doesn't always have to be right but is willing to be playfully competitive, is willing to be sexually adventurous but doesn't have a wondering eye, loves to laugh, loves to smile, loves to kiss, loves road trips, loves change, loves the unexpected, loves making the best of any situation, loves friends, loves wine, loves beer, basically loves, willing to rake up and jump into a pile of leaves, willing to climb the roof and hang lights, well I could keep going forever like loves hot tubs, loves sassyness, blah blah basically a happy, good looking, joyful, fun-loving, generous, caring, giving, adventurous guy!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Alchemist

I picked up the alchemist this week. I went to the library and checked out this book, because I had received an email from my boss. The email from my boss contained a link to a youtube video. The email was about believing. I followed the link in the email. When I got to youtube I realized the video was more than 9 minutes long. I don't have a lot of time and I thought to myself, I will listen for a couple minutes. I was distracted several times during watching the video, at some points even having to leave the room I was in. Each time I would pause the video and I came back. I watched the entire video. The video was clips from interviews given by the well-known actor and singer Will Smith. During this video Will referenced the alchemist just once. I heard him say The Alchemist, what he referenced I can't remember now. Because he referenced it together with the message he was giving I felt an urge to find this book. His message was about your personal legend and believing in it.

I am in several classes this semester, I work pretty much full-time and I have a three year old. I don't have a lot of time for leisure. I also haven't ever been a strong reader, although I love to write, I have always struggled to read. So taking the time during this semester to read for pleasure was not in the plans, to say the least. Bear with me here because this story gets much much better...

The way in which I found the library and the time to go there and check out this book was quite phenomenal, to me, in it's own right. It was Tuesday morning when I had distractedly watched the video. I was studying feverishly for a biology exam that I had to take at 12:30pm. I had to leave by 11:45am. Several weeks prior to receiving this email, I had come out of biology class one Tuesday and found my usual route of stairs to be taped off and under construction. There were some girls in front of me and they said we will go to the other set down here. I followed them and there near the stairs down the hall was the library. I have been attending this college for three semesters and I hadn't know where the library was until that moment. I do love books, even though I have never been a strong reader. Good to know I thought to myself.

Well on the Tuesday that I had watched the video, I went to class and took my exam and was allowed to leave after I finished my exam which was earlier than usual. I had some time to kill before going to lab. I went to the library. I was definitely intimidated at first, because I don't spend a lot of time in libraries although I have always adored them. Also I had never been in this library and knew nothing of how it worked. I was afraid of looking stupid. I went anyway. I walked in, looked around, performed a sort of survey. Really, I was looking for a computer that said something related to search books or electronic card catalog here. I didn't see anything like that, so I went down a few aisles. I thought how hard can it be right. There has to be a method to the placement of these books. Quickly I realized I didn't know the author's name and I better just ask for help. I found my way to the front and asked a few questions. Which led to me signing up for my library card and being directed to a desk labeled reference.

The reference desk is where I met Jack. Really nice, thin, older gentleman who seemed genuinely interested in what I was looking for. Whenever I encounter this kind of genuineness I am usually a little startled by it. I told him that I was in search of a book titled The Alchemist, but I wasn't sure of the author. He looked it up in his computer and jotted a few notes and off we went into the sea of columned books. He explained to me how to understand and read the writing on the columns in order to find the book I was looking for. I hadn't even told him that it was my first time in the library, I had figured that I had gushed enough about it at the front desk while receiving my library card. I supposed he just knew. He had mentioned to me as I was leaving that it was a great book and I should let him know what I thought of it. I was really surprised by him.

As I mentioned I attending college right now. I am currently working towards receiving my Associate's of Arts degree with a major in Creative Writing. I am in two poetry classes this semester. Recently we started working on our final analysis on the elements of poetry in one of my classes. Last weekend I completed my final analysis for the class, it ended up being my best. I came across this poem "The Tyger," by William Blake. I had known his poem "London," from earlier in the semester. I had liked "London" just fine, but "The Tyger" was amazing. I read the poem over and over analyzing it. I felt really connected to the poem and ever since to William Blake. 

So I read the book at every chance I got. I found myself realizing that I hadn't brought my book with during times of waiting even just for 5-10 minutes and was upset with myself for not having my book. This was definitely new to me, it genuinely surprised me to feel this way.

I just finished the book a few minutes ago. In the back of the book they have a reader's guide, I skimmed it. Next, came a map of the shepherd's travels, that was pretty cool (I Love Maps)! Then an interview with the Author. I glanced at the first two questions and in the second question at the top of the page, who does the author reference? None other than Mr. William Blake! I nearly jumped out of my skin! And my heart leapt with joy! It was an omen! Not the first in the series that were shown to me in the Journey of reading this book, but for me certainly the most significant. I will be thinking of this for days, maybe even longer.

I leave you with my favorite part from the book:

The boy didn't know what a person's "Personal Legend" was.
 The Old King told him, "it's what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are, knows what their Personal Legend is. At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as times passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfect Christmas Presents!

I usually go with a theme when I am buying Christmas presents! Some years, I have done candles, socks, blankets, etc... Well this year it is these lovely books! I am so excited to get them. Got to for more info!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blues & Corals are still Hot!

A Must Have! The White Blazer

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