Monday, December 20, 2010

True Love: A Remedy or A Curse?

What is true love! What a cliche the term true love is! Ugh I despise its very existence!!!! How could one love another truly! Without considering one's own selfish desires? Should one not fulfill them? Should one be allowed to fulfill them whilst the other suffers in self loathing and arguably goes on with givers disease? Such a bad case of give-itis that they can't even see what they themselves deserve??? Is it not enough to want to be loved more? Must one be beaten or cheated on to justify leaving?

Remember the Movies? You have to if you are my age or older! We lived for them! We didn't have shit like Wii and iPads to entertain us. Mostly we had movies, drunk adults and cool shit like sledding and being elves on Christmas eve, while our other cousins watched on completely consumed by jealousy! :P These movies with the love! Hans Solo and Princess Leia! You know how you wanted to feel! IN LOVE!!!! No one else existed and if they did they were no where near as cool as the each of you! Destined to be together! Ah the synergy...beyond intoxicating! But the part they don't show is when the synergy turns to boredom and disinterest!

I could go on. We all know what we know and we all know why! We all play stupid in the interest of Big Oil ok that was a test to make sure you were paying attention! LOL We all play stupid in the interest of attaining, maintaining or protecting our selfishness!

Too many frank the tanks streaking through the quad alone, while we stand by with our friends to take it! They then want KFC, Del Taco, Burger King or whatever fast food place is close by! Only to sleep in all day the next day, be cranky and demanding, neglectful, self serving and pretty much SELF ABSORBED!!!!!!

Point being show me a guy who is athletic, book smart, not interested in video games, good looking, social drinker, carries conversations, middle of the road on politics and tattoos, pretty tech savvy or pretty tight with a guy who is pretty tech savvy, cooks, loves kids, knows how to get wild, yet loves to stand alone in the quiet of a mountain, thinks about others, gives and is charitable, has a fashion sense, allows me to be aggressive for fun but loves to hold me all the time, loves to celebrate holidays, knows how to fix minor car stuff, has a good job, doesn't always have to be right but is willing to be playfully competitive, is willing to be sexually adventurous but doesn't have a wondering eye, loves to laugh, loves to smile, loves to kiss, loves road trips, loves change, loves the unexpected, loves making the best of any situation, loves friends, loves wine, loves beer, basically loves, willing to rake up and jump into a pile of leaves, willing to climb the roof and hang lights, well I could keep going forever like loves hot tubs, loves sassyness, blah blah basically a happy, good looking, joyful, fun-loving, generous, caring, giving, adventurous guy!


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